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When it comes to accepting payments online, it’s important to offer customers convenient payment options. Creating a simple checkout experience leads to increased sales and a better overall experience for your customer, which improves customer retention. Converge can help you create this experience by providing multiple ways to collect payments; Billing and Invoicing, Buy Buttons, Digital Wallets, and Recurring Payments.

Converge is an omnicommerce payment solution that offers businesses the ability to accept payments in-store, online, via mobile, or by mail/telephone order (MO/TO).

With Converge, your business will able to accept: 

  • Debit and PIN debit cards 
  • Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™; mobile wallets
  • Electronic gift cards, including Fanfare® 
  • Electronic checks and ACH 
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)


Converge Overview


  • Elavon’s proprietary eCommerce platform with a highly versatile suite of product features
  • Hosted payment solutions for in-person, online, mobile, and mail order/ telephone order transactions
  • Capabilities well-suited for multiple verticals, with special functionality for Retail, eCommerce, MO/TO, Services, Auto/Transport, Wholesales, Public Sector, Airline, Health Care and B2B 
  • A robust platform for recurring billing payment solutions 
  • Developed in an Agile environment to quickly bring forward new products & features 
  • Supports businesses with global processing needs through multi-currency conversion (MCC) and dynamic currency (DCC) conversion 
  • Customers can easily configure and manage their accounts online with options to adjust settings, billing preferences, transaction reports and security settings

Connect to Converge


Converge offers three ways to connect. A user-friendly virtual terminal interface, a highly configurable integrated capability, and a mobile app solution.



Virtual Terminal

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Gateway Integration / API

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Mobile App

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Virtual Terminal  


User-friendly, simple, economical hosted software solution.

  • You can use any PC with an Internet connection
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively processes payment transactions 
  • The user interface provides interactive prompts and optional expanded features

Gateway Integration / API


Integrate with your existing technology using ( & XML or HTML.

  • Accepts HTTPS posts/gets 
  • Allows for eCommerce transactions
  •  Integrate with your merchant page or payment page
  • Configurable from within the application or via the HTTPS post: Payment Fields, Payment Form Options, Receipt Options, Email Options, and more

Mobile App


Easily and securely accept payments on your mobile device.

When their card IS NOT present: 

  • eCommerce/Online store
  • Mail Order
  • Phone Order

When their card IS present:

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Retail
  • Restaurant / Tip
  • Service
  • Airline

We Are Serious About Your Security


We strive to build new and enhanced security features to stay two steps ahead of potential security and fraud threats.

How do we keep your customer’s data safe? 

  • Velocity capture and merchant profile identification for typical traffic expectations
  • IP Whitelisting, we add known IP addresses to your user profiles
  • IP Blacklisting, the ability to block IP addresses as required/instructed
  • Tokenization
  • End to End Encryption for data transfer from Terminal based transactions
  • Security measures for user identification
    • Audit Log Monitoring to proactively detect and react to attempted security breaches
  • 2-Step verification is required and mandated
    • Password Enhancements
    • Security verification questions
    • User IP ID verification
    • The complexity of password used
    • Continuous ongoing enhancements and updates to strengthen usability

Billing and Invoicing

Buy Button

Digital Wallets

Recurring Payments



Converge Billing and Invoicing

A great option for small businesses who need a way to send quotes or invoices electronically. Simply create the quote or invoice and send to your customer via email. There, they can accept the quote or pay the invoice immediately. With Converge, you can send an unlimited number of quotes or invoices each month. The Converge Billing and Invoicing feature is a hosted solution. This means there is no coding or integration necessary. Everything you need to create, send or track a quote or invoice is built directly into Converge. This is great news for businesses who want a payment solution that is secure and customizable.


The Converge Buy Button

The easiest way to accept payments online. You now have a way to accept payments on nearly any website or via email. The buy button or hyperlink will take users to a fully functional secure payment page where they can pay with the method of their choice, including digital wallet. Businesses and nonprofits can use this feature to accept payments at a fixed amount or enable their customers to input a custom amount. Customers have the option to create an unlimited number of buttons. Each button can accept any amount of money – from USD $1 to $999,999.


Digital Wallets

Offer convenience, ease of use, and increased security. Streamline the checkout process and increase completed transactions. Customer information is stored on their device, skipping lengthy checkout forms. Plus, fraud tools used by digital wallets can help reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. Converge allows online businesses to offer four top digital wallets for use on their Converge hosted payment pages or checkout webpages with no additional fees: Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass and PayPal.


Recurring Payments

Now your business will operate with predictable income by offering customers the convenience of an automatic option. Converge allows you to store cards on file for recurring transactions, installment transactions, and to serve repeat customers. Cards stored in our Customer Manager feature are automatically tokenized so they are safe and secure.

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