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Elavon is the innovative, secure, and global partner for your payment processing needs, whether you do business online, mobile, or in-person. When you partner with us, you gain access to our more than 500 direct sales team members and our vast channel network.

We offer the payment expertise, so you can focus on expanding your business capabilities, increasing your revenue potential, and empowering your customers to do business with you. Our advanced security features, streamlined business management tools, enhanced analytics, and customer-centric service are all managed with the help of our dedicated relationship management team.

Our main areas of focus can be grouped into four main categories:







Global Reach and Reputation

With Elavon as your partner, you get peace of mind that you’re working with a payments processor that’s reliable, scalable with your business, and trust-worthy. Elavon is known for:

  • Operating in over 30 countries, supporting partners and their customers’ needs for omnicommerce payments
  • Transmitting data safely 3 BILLION TIMES each year and enabling $300 billion worth of commerce for 1.3 million customers
  • Helping customers grow and find new revenue opportunities by enabling online payment acceptance in nearly 100 countries with 17 settlement currencies and 121 accepted currencies
  • Partnering with 1,700 financial institutions and more than 260 ISO/MSP relationships
  • Our parent company, U.S. Bank, has been consistently ranked as a “World’s Most Ethical Company” by the Ethisphere Institute


Innovative Solutions

By choosing Elavon as your payment processor, you will access new and innovative solutions that will make your payment transactions much faster and safer while remaining easy to manage. Benefits of partnering with Elavon include:

  • Flexible integration options including semi-integrated and hosted solutions that reduce PCI compliance scope
  • Ability to accept omnicommerce transactions through a single gateway solution
  • Manage all aspects of your payments business and access robust reporting with our online, self-service tool
  • Reconcile transaction data faster with actionable data from interactive, customized reporting
  • Develop highly-customized payment solutions for websites or mobile apps with Elavon’s API and Developer Portal resources
  • Integrate software solutions with secure POS technology
  • Reduce the overall cost of doing business with cost-saving tools, data, and analytics


Sales Enablement

Here at Elavon, we know that businesses of different sizes and verticals heave unique needs. As a result, we continue to expand and grow our expertise to create useful solutions for a variety of specific business challenges, needs, and requirements.

  • Offer specialized industry-specific payment solutions and vertical expertise to meet your needs in services, retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, public sector, and many more
  • Quick go-to-market implementation and comprehensive support across segments provides immediate revenue impact
  • Accelerate revenue with our customizable campaign support and dedicated inside sales team
  • Access data security services, acceptance of alternative payment options, and expanded mobile/contactless card acceptance


Our Secure, Reliable, and Customer-Centric Solutions

Global brands trust Elavon to take care of their customers. By choosing Elavon as your payment processor, you’re selecting a trusted partner to help remove the worry of payment-related interruptions in your day-to-day operations. Whether processing your payments with our stable and reliable network or getting quick access to our customer support team, we strive to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

  • 24/7, in-house multi-lingual customer support and dedicated relationship management
  • Our consultative approach ensures you are supported through your entire payment journey, providing a customized solution to meet your business needs
  • Global brands trust Elavon to take care of their customers. Every customer interaction reflects your brand, so we ensure we provide the highest quality products and service
  • Cardholder data is protected at all points in the transaction lifecycle with our layered security approach, including EMV, encryption, and tokenization
  • Fast processing time: 10 milliseconds and supports 450 transactions per second

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