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We understand that when you trust us with your business, your customers are Elavon customers. We are tuned-in to the business challenges facing companies today and create carefully designed solutions to enable modern commerce. This means keeping up with changing technology, fighting fraud, streamlining operations, and helping our customers create great payment experiences. No two businesses have the same needs, so we offer flexible solutions to support the requirements for all types of businesses, whether it's through our platforms or preferred partners we trust.




Our Converge solution is a single platform that enables in-store, online, mobile, and back-office mail/telephone transactions. Accept all forms of payments quickly and securely. With a streamlined checkout process, you can process sales quickly, keeping your customers happy.

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Fast Track Funding

Receive funds as quickly as 1-business day! Fast Track Funding provides peace of mind and a guarantee that your funds will be deposited when you need them. No guessing the exact hour of arrival or wondering if the funds will arrive before a withdrawal hits your account.

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Account Updater

Avoid declines due to outdated card information with our account updater service. The service updates cardholder's account data, including expiration dates, account numbers, and account status on recurring and 'card-on-file' business to keep you processing seamlessly.

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Multicurrency Processing

Grow and find new revenue opportunities by accepting online payments in local currencies for nearly 100 countries.

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Security breaches cost your company more than just money. They can take valuable time away from your business, erode customer confidence, damage your business's reputation, and encourage your customers to choose a competitor..

Shoppers want to feel confident that their shopping experience is a safe one, and Elavon can help.


Convert data into code at the point of entry to prevent unauthorized access.


Replace your cardholder's data with unique ID's called tokens to protect sensitive information from unauthorized users.

PCI DSS Compliance

Fulfill the information security standard for organizations that handle credit cards.

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Interchange Optimization

The fees from credit card acceptance are a part of doing business, but most businesses are unaware that card brand programs exist to help reduce these fees.

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Chargeback Protection

Our expertise in analyzing the authorization rate, downgrades, and chargeback rate can save you time and money. Customize fraud and business rules that meet your business needs.

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We strive to provide comprehensive assistance and access to the right resources to make setting up as easy as possible.

24/7 Support Team

Access to Elavon's expert, a multi-lingual support team.

Access to migration support resources library to support your technology services team.

Elavon provides oversight throughout the entire process with dedicated project managers, solution engineers, and implementation managers.

Online Case Management

Manage your customer feedback cases by keeping track of documentation (e.g., receipts) or response templates that yield the best results for your business.



A great decision is an informed decision. We want to make sure that you have full visibility into your business's performance, so we help you track indicators such as sales, payments, funding, and much more.

Reconciliation Management

Easily reconcile sales and refund data to bank deposits and withdrawal activity.

Payments Core 365

Payments Core 365 is a flat data file that provides a single source of validation of all payment data to ensure accurate and timely reconciliation across a business's locations.

Payments Insider

Our interactive customer portal empowers you to manage all aspects of your payments. Designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use, the portal gives you secure online access to your business information. You will also find engaging content such as the latest industry news, security/compliance articles, and essential notifications.


Our Preferred Partners

Elavon and Authorize.Net have collaborated to provide a best-in-class eCommerce experience for small to medium-sized businesses. Now, you have access to the full range of payment management capabilities of Authorize.Net with the confidence of using Elavon as your acquirer of choice.

Authorize.Net provides simplified and secure payment solutions designed with premium features to help you run your business and protect your customers' payment data. Incorporate payments seamlessly into your customers' experience with pre-integrated connections, plug-ins, or other easy to implement eCommerce solutions. 

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CyberSource has recently certified directly to Elavon's global payment platform, providing one of the complete direct integrations available. Now you have access to the full range of payment management capabilities of CyberSource combined with the confidence of using Elavon as your acquirer of choice. CyberSource is the only payment management platform that is part of the Visa network, world-renowned for security and reliability. 

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Tell us more about your business needs, and we’ll find a solution that works for you.



Secure. Reliable. Customer-Centric.

The world of payments is continuously evolving. Elavon offers global payment expertise, so you can focus on expanding your business capabilities. We offer technical expertise to engineer eCommerce business solutions in addition to offering flexible integration options, including semi-integrated and hosted solutions.

Elavon’s innovation allows you to keep up with advancements in payment technology. You can accept omnicommerce transactions and manage your payments through a single gateway solution. Robust reporting uses data to provide actionable insights that can lead to reductions in the overall cost of doing business.

Integrating payment solutions into software can be complex. Elavon is a proven partner for reducing that complexity, saving you development time and expenses with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions. Global brands trust Elavon to take care of their customers.

Every customer interaction reflects your brand, so we treat your customers as if they are our own. Elavon provides In-house multi-lingual customer support and dedicated relationship management available 24/7.


The experience of partnering with Elavon


"The Same Day Funding has been huge for us with the credit card processing. That cash flow in any small business is huge"

Derek Smith - Powersports

" It's just critical that a company like ELavon is there to perform reliably, so that we can focus on the other aspects of our business"

John Lamb - Bagel Boys Owner

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